15 February 2014

Daily Office 15 - 28 February A.D. 2014

The Daily Offices for Morning and Evening Prayer in the Rite of St Tikhon. The readings are as assigned by the Antiochian Western Rite Vicariate, unofficially supplemented with other devotional material taken from the Breviary and the Psalter. Each MP/EP link will take you to a complete office, needing only the daily Psalter or, for MP, the Martyrology link.

Beginning this evening with Vespers we enter the season of Septuagesima: vestments turn to purple and we bed "goodbye" to Alleluia in the office. Starting Sunday Morning we sing "Praise be to thee, O Lord, King of eternal glory" in the opening versicles. Vigils are done away with and the days now rank in and of themselves and are commemorated if not observed (as, for example, next Saturday when we have the Feast of the Chair of St Peter at Antioch and commemorate the office of the Saturday as well).

As we turn towards Lent, may this season be of profit to your Salvation.

  1.  BVM Ss Faustinus and Jovita MM - MP - EP - Martyrology.
  2.  Septuagesima Sunday - MP - EPMartyrology.
  3. Monday  Feria - MP - EP - Martyrology.
  4. Tuesday  Feria (St Simon of Jerusalem BM) - MP - EP - Martyrology.
  5. Wednesday  Feria - MP - EP - Martyrology.
  6. Thursday  Feria - MP - EP - Martyrology.
  7. Friday  Feria - MP - EP - Martyrology.
  8. Saturday  Chair of St Peter at Antioch - MP - EP - Martyrology.
  9.  Sexagesima Sunday Vigil of St Matthias - MP - EP - Martyrology.
  10. Monday  St Matthias, Apostle - MP - EP - Martyrology.
  11. Tuesday  Feria (St. Walburga of Heidenheim, V) - MP - EP - Martyrology.
  12. Wednesday  Feria - MP - EP - Martyrology.
  13. Thursday  St Raphael of Brooklyn BC (St Alexander of Alexandria BC, Feria) - MP - EP - Martyrology.
  14. Friday  Feria - MP - EP - Martyrology.