22 May 2014


If one Patriarch refuses to commemorate or commune with another because of a power struggle - eg, Jerusalem and Antioch - how long before that excommunication (which is what it is) becomes Schism?

If one synod declares another invalid - eg, ROCOR and Moscow - how long before that Schism becomes irreparable?
Rome : Constantinople :: ROCOR : Moscow Patriarchate 

We are sisters who don't talk to each other: not different churches.  The Church is one.

I get that we don't commemorate or commune one with another yet.  But I pray that will end.  The Church is one. We just don't all talk to each other.  The east lung doesn't know what the west lung is doing.  Nearly biblical.

I know it upsets our bullied-little-brother/victim attitude to say so, as well as our traditional, American Anti-Romanism, but yeah: them's us in them thar churches.  We just gotta get over our issues. The Church is one.  It's also more than a bit dysfunctional.

12 May 2014

First Lessons from Living Alone

If you're interested in how to get odd habits living alone: click here. It's well worth it: and it agrees with some of what follows:

10 Things I've Learned in Only One Week of Living Alone!
  1. Bye-Bye Claustrophobia! The easiest way to avoid claustrophobia when living alone is to leave the bathroom door open.
  2. Hearing someone's alarm clock (through the walls) is not a sign that you must rush through your shower!
  3. The best meals are the ones you can eat on the floor next to the wall watching TV.
  4. Laundry still sucks.
  5. Cooking for exactly one person and no more means that all your large kitchen toys can be donated to the Church or the Office: they take up too much space and no one wants leftovers from more than 10 days ago.  Not even you.
  6. A six-pack last for days! Five or six if you're lucky.
  7. Drinking directly out of the bottle of Trader Joe's Tangerine Juice does not bother anyone.
  8. Garbage sorting still sucks, but at least I don't need to get all passive aggressive about who is going to take it out.
  9. No one complains when I leave the heat off and open the windows.
  10. In most cases, bathrobes are superfluous. (Curtains are up to you.)

10 May 2014

Ordo for May 2014

My deepest apologies for being late: with the insanity of Pascha, followed by the Insanity of domestic relocation, I've not been posting the Daily Office.

May of 2014 has been added to the Rite of St Tikhon although it is only good from this evening (10 May) forward.  I do not even have internet at the new home yet, but I will try to keep up to date going forward.  The good news is that soon the major editing will be done and all that will be left is minor edits and re-dating in each year.

And publishing...

02 May 2014

Heretics or Just Schismatics?